Rock wool, as a Class A1 non-combustible fireproof material, its fire resistant performance is particularly valuable. For a building, the importance of its fireproof performance is no doubt. Several major fire safety accidents in recent years have caused reflections on the building materials industry and prompted the government to impose mandatory regulations on it. In this environment, the excellent fireproof performance of rock wool has become the biggest advantage of competing with other insulation materials. In fact, whether it is in China or in the Middle East, rock wool is regarded as a good building fire safety solution, and is the preferred material for high-rise buildings and public buildings, which are fully reflected in the EN ISO1182:2011 regulations.

In the UAE area, the construction & real estate industry has maintained a good development in recent years, which has led to a growing demand for rock wool products and a rising market for thermal insulation materials. It also led to the continuous development of rock wool production and manufacturers around the world. The number of rock wool plants in China, India, Germany and other countries has increased. Many construction companies and rock wool traders mostly choose to purchase rock wool products from China or locally.

Then why buy rock wool products from China?

To begin with, China, as the world’s second largest economy, the largest manufacturing country, and the largest goods trading country, has this strong economic strength. China has become more politically stable and has been committed to long-term economic growth over the past three decades. The economy is far ahead of Germany and can give you a better, safer and more honest trading experience. ROCKMEC has nearly 20 years of history in the production of rock wool, providing rock wool products and OEM service to well-known domestic and foreign builders and rock wool manufacturers.

Secondly, as a manufacturing base that has provided industrial products on a large scale to the world market, “Made in China” has spread all over the world, So China has worn the crown of the world factory. Manufacturing companies are highly dependent on various infrastructures. If there are no ports , no fully guaranteed logistics, highways, airports, railways, no stable electricity, water supply, many large industrial enterprises can not be opened. ROCKMEC is adjacent to the Yangtze River and has good transport port conditions, just two hours drive from Shanghai Port. At the same time, we have cooperation with many domestic logistics companies which have developed transportation and can transport more ports, providing high-quality and fast delivery services to customers all over the world.

What’s more, China, as the third largest country in the world in terms of land area, is extremely rich in mineral resources. Rich and large quantities of raw materials have greatly reduced the cost of rock wool raw materials. Therefore, the purchase of rock wool products from China is comparable to other countries, and it is possible to buy better quality products at a lower price. UAE is not rich in raw material resources, so the purchasing cost of rock wool products is higher. ROCKMEC rock wool products are made of high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After being melted at a temperature of above 1450 °C, they are centrifuged into fibers at a high speed using an internationally advanced four-axis centrifuge. It can be cut to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses, and can satisfy you in terms of product performance and product price.

Last but not least, in recent years, China’s development speed has always amazed the world. In many aspects, it has leading technology, especially the construction of basic projects. The world has seen what is “China’s speed.” At the same time as the speed of construction, there is not much time left for building materials manufacturers. Dependent on China’s large population base, sufficient productivity, and a high degree of education in the general population, while ensuring quality, the production cycle is greatly shortened. ROCKMEC has four production lines, and a large number of workers in the production of rock wool production for the quality control of the product, which can complete the customer’s production requirements in a short time, and we also have a strong and united sales team to provide you with better and faster, higher quality customization.

Buying rockwool products from China will give you a safer and safer shopping experience, allowing you to get your products faster and better. ROCKMEC sincerely provides you with the highest quality products, the best service and the fastest production and transportation service. We are always at your side to be your strongest shield.