Rock wool can improving people’s quality life and harnessing the outstanding properties of rock wool to dealing with more and more serious environmental issues, so what it can do and why rock wool?

Now,it’s not just china but the other countries around the world all emphasize sustainability issues. However,The energy consumption of buildings accounts for 30% of global energy consumption.Reducing the energy consumption of building is the key to sustainable social development.The rock wool played important role in energy-saving field of new buildings and existing building renovations,rock wool materials can effectively guarantee the fire safety of buildings and help provide superior sound absorption and noise reduction,due to the performance and improved room comfort,thus to promote a better city life.

With the global warming getting worse,more and more people choose to live a low-carbon life.Rock wool can help city upgrading of energy and water resources, can enhance the building value,improve the living comfort level of residents,and generate more economic and social benefits,

With the acceleration of urbanization, nearly one million people in the world are flooding into the city every week. In 2030, there are 41 large cities in the world with an estimated population of more than 10 million. The rapid development of cities puts higher demands on urban management. ROCKMEC believes that the abundant and renewable rock resources in nature are an effective way to achieve sustainable development. ROCKMEC expects to take advantage of our extensive experience in rock wool applications to better meet the diverse needs of urban development and to provide more assistance in reducing its carbon footprint.

Chooses stone wool,chooses ROCKMEC Materials,chooses the efficient and high quality life.