In the environment of rapid economic development, small and medium-sized enterprises continue to emerge.To the customer, choice diversity is good undoubtedly, but the quality of their company is unknown, product quality also is erratic, this means consumer cannot choose manufacturer easily.So how to choose a reliable manufacturer?

First of all, a good manufacturer, from the internal point of view, the fundamental enterprise should be excellent product quality.It can bring good product experience for consumers. Rockmec, a rock wool manufacturers, We attach great importance to the quality of our products.We have a variety of specifications and density of rock wool production line.We offer OEM customized products and have CE, ISO international quality certification.It’s symbol of our quality and we also have been the product quality as enterprise survival of the first symbol of vitality.

Second, as a good manufacturer, while guaranteeing the quality of products, customers’ are  also consume the service of sales staff. Good service experience can make customers’ consumption more comfortable.Rockmec always pay attention to the quality of service, whether it is a web page, sales platform, or customer telephone enquiry, we must reply within 24 hours.We pay attention to the service experience.Not only to establish of cooperation, but also to maintain a good relationship in the future.

Third, as the backer of products and sales staff, the strength of the company is undoubtedly very important.A good company can be a backer for products and staff.Rockmec has been providing the most solid guarantee for products.We using the newest and best production technology and equipment to ensure the quality of products, but also has been continuously contributing to the update and iteration of products.

Fourth, a good manufacturer, should be the original factory. Rockmec as rock wool production manufacturers, welcome every customer come to factory-examining.At online we will also actively to film in the major social media platform to share factory.We ensure no middlemen to earn price difference and to bring customers the most affordable price, help customers to save costs.

Fifth, a good manufacturer should have many years of production experience.Rockmec has been focusing on the production of rock wool for nearly 20 years, and its products have been sold at inland and abroad, with an annual sales volume of tens millions dollars. It has provided OEM for many large domestic rock wool manufacturers, and has accumulated a good reputation in the industry.

Apart from internal selection essentials, a good manufacturer should have the following external excellent factors.The first is the stability of the country and the policy support.Rockmec is from China. China has a large population and is a big manufacturing country.Many production lines and many employees can work at the same time.That’s make sure of our several days of production cycle and nearly 8000 tons of monthly supply.At the same time, in recent years,the rapid development of China’s economy is obvious to all. The stable national conditions and the country’s strong support for export business mean that we can provide each customer with long-term stability, quality and quantity products.At the same time,to establish a harmonious and stable cooperative relationship.

Secondly, the quality of manufacturing workers also has a crucial impact on the products.In the domestic environment, every employee of Rockmec maintains a good basic quality and is familiar with product knowledge and production process.

Finally, Rockmec is located in anhui province, adjacent to the Yangtze river, only 2 hours’ drive away from Shanghai, China. With convenient transportation and short production cycle, Rockmec has helped each customer save cost and time.

A good manufacturer will actually produce products from the customer’s point of view and do the customer want to need products and services.Rockmec has been on this way, and has been evolving rapidly for the better.