Purchasing across the national borders can be difficult, but choose wisely will bring you a great fortune. Things you should be looking at when choosing a supplier, reliability, capability and if it is trustworthy. Here at Rockmec Industrial Co.,ltd, we present you a total transparent partnership, enormous production capacity and trust. View their website:


Our factory running shifts day and night guarantees the delivery time. The production capacity has reached 8000 tons per month, 6 automatic production lines, 200 workers and a strict QC department. More importantly, we believe that the faith between two companies is at the heart of success, it is also the crucial reason that we have been successful since 2009 and still standing today.

Supreme customized service is the key to satisfy our clients, our technical department will endeavour to accomplish all requirements from the clients and our marketing department is 24/7 online, ready to provide all solutions for you.

In order to be competitive in the market, we have minimized our profit for each commodity to maximized the profit for our clients. We have quality raw material suppliers and our own production line, that allow us to reduce the cost at largest possibility.


We welcome all clients for factory inspection, to see from their own eyes. We are Rockmec, we are your solution.