Glass Wool Batts

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glass wool batts

Glass Wool Batts

Glass Wool Batts is produced through heating these material at 1200˚C – 1400˚C and transforming it into fibers. It can be manufactured in different size and with different technical properties, with different facing materials according to the intended use and the place of use. It is used for thermal insulation, sound insulation, acoustic comfort as well as fire safety.
The thermal conductivity is 0,032 ≤ λ ≤ 0,043 W/mK.
Even if it is subjected to heat and humidity it stays dimensionally stable.

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Product Name Length (mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Density(kg/m³)
Glass Wool Batts 1160-1200 410-610 100-200 10-48

Order Note

Delivery Time 3-7 days ( according to the orders)
Loading Port Shanghai / Tianjin
Payment terms TT / LC / PayPal
MOQ One container
Sample test Support
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