Glass Wool Blanket

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galss wool blanket

Glass Wool Blanket

Rock wool board as a fireproof and insulation material, has good compressive and tensile strength, and the properties of heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance, sound absorption. It is mainly applied to the roof & wall thermal insulation systems. Its Class A non-combustible fire prevention grade can keep the system structure stable in case of fire. It can also be applied in Marine.


Product Name Length (mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Density(kg/m³)
Glass Wool Blanket 11000,20000 1200 20-150 12-48

Order Note

Delivery Time 3-7 days ( according to the orders)
Loading Port Shanghai / Tianjin
Payment terms TT / LC / PayPal
MOQ One container
Sample test Support
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