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rock wool insulation

Rock Wool Board

Rock wool board  has good compression and tensile strength,  properties of heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance and sound absorption.

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rock wool pipe

Rock Wool Pipe

Rock wool pipe has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, non-flammability and good chemical stability.

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Rock wool blanket

Rock Wool Blanket

Rock wool blanket high quality basalt as raw material, with good noncombustible, melting point above 1000 ℃, especially effective in heat insulation and fire prevention, reducing or absorbing noise.

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Glass wool slab

Glass Wool Board

Glass wool Board is a kind of glass wool product which is made by melting,fibrosing the glass and curing by adding adhesive. We can also customize the facing on-line compound according to customers’ requirements.

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Glass wool blanket

Glass Wool Blanket

Glass Wool Blanket it is not only keeps the characteristics of heat preservation and insulation, but also has excellent characteristics of shock absorption and sound absorption, especially for low and  so on.

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rubber foam insulation

Rubber Foam Insulation

Rubber Foam Insulation has low thermal conductivity, complete closed- hole structure, and good thermal insulation effect.No water absorption, not easy to burn, not condensation, long service life, use health and safety.

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